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Welcome to the Kitchen at The Grange.  We provide bespoke catering for games, events and experiences taking place at the venue.   We love cooking and sharing with you the inspiration behind our food.

Chilli Parcels

During Macabre we tried a couple of pies / pastries that we have never done before.  For example these chilli parcels:  This is the first time Ive attempted these pasty style beauties and it took a couple of attempts to get the form right.

For ease I used a good shortcrust pastry and filled with a beef chilli mix.  (good steak mince, onions, chopped tomato, chilli powder and crushed chillis.)  The Chilli was a little more spicy than I would normally make but it seemed to work well in the parcels.  After a bit of experimenting I settled on hand crimping them.

Posted 138 weeks ago

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